Photographers-For-Hire Program

Our Photographers-For-Hire Program is currently under internal review and we’re looking to hire a new Manager. If you’re interested in managing our Photographers-For-Hire Program, click HERE.

I'm A Photographer

The UBC PhotoSoc is interested in helping our members make connections and gain experience in the field. We have now created a program that will allow you to contact organizations to find jobs, sharpen your photographic skills, and gain work experience with a job at your skill level. 

If you're interested in becoming a photographer for our program keep a look out for the new positions that will be opening at the beginning of the UBC Winter Session 2017/18. For more information visit our Facebook, Instagram, or inquire about becoming a member to receive our newsletter. 

I'm Looking For A Photographer

Want to hire a photographer for your event?

The UBC PhotoSoc now has a volunteering photographer program. If you're a club at UBC or a non-UBC affiliated organization looking for photographers from us, simply fill out the form and potential photographers will be able to get in touch with you. 

This form is just for standardizing the information distributed to our members, interested photographers will contact you based on the information you provide.

NOTE: this does not guarantee that someone will be available. It's just a way to facilitate connection between photographers and event organizers. It is also the organizer's responsibility to confirm the skill level of the photographer(s).

PLEASE NOTE: NON-UBC Affiliated organizations will be charged at least $30/hr for shoots.