A group of photography enthusiasts.


As a team we want to make your experience with photography the best you can have in the comfort of your own university. We work together to host photography related events for you, share articles about the subject, and provide a way for you to showcase your work and to connect with other photographers on campus. 

Syed Mustafa Co-President         

Syed Mustafa


Brandon Leung Co-President

Brandon Leung


Hallie Woo Treasurer

Hallie Woo


Anali Bhatt VP Internal

Anali Bhatt

VP Internal

Jonah Pawluk VP External

Jonah Pawluk

VP External

Katie Lee Events Director

Katie Lee

Events Director

Samantha Matute Marketing Director

Samantha Matute

Marketing Director

Frankie Uy Marketing Coordinator

Frankie Uy

Marketing Coordinator

Patrick Gillin Darkroom Manager

Patrick Gillin

Darkroom Manager

Ankush Sehgal Equipment Manager

Ankush Sehgal

Equipment Manager

Joseph Kennel Darkroom Coordinator

Joseph Kennel

Darkroom Coordinator

Mackey Singh Acquisitions Manager

Mackey Singh

Acquisitions Manager

Eustacia Kwok Advisor

Eustacia Kwok


James Wong Advisor  

James Wong




Open Positions?


Want to become a part of a team of photography enthusiasts who want to make photography accesible to our UBC vancouver campus? The UBC PhotoSoc is Hiring!


Assistant to the VP External:
-Assist with the management of volunteer photographer program
-Creating content for the PhotoSoc newsletter
-Working with the VP External to communicate opportunities for involvement with the PhotoSoc to sponsors


Events coordinator:
-Plan and schedule club events/photowalks/photobooths
-Attend club events/photowalks/photobooths
-Prepare/buy/make materials required for events/photowalks/photobooths
-Communicate with club members, club execs, AMS and other affiliations
-Help out other departments and club duties


Equipment Coordinator:
-Communicating with members about equipment and studio rentals
-Maintaining equipment
-Helping to set up studio equipment for members who have rented them
-Helping rent out equipment to members during office hours


Darkroom Coordinator:
We are looking for someone with a strong knowledge of B&W photographic processes and chemistry, especially preparing chemicals and printing.
Duties will include:
-Providing safety orientations to new members and assisting with workshops for basic & intermediate printing techniques, as well as film development.
-Ability to provide 1-2 hours of week of monitoring time (to check chemicals and provide office hours in the darkroom) is required.
-Ability to attend exec meetings, an additional 1-2 hours per week, is preferred.
-Familiarity with C-41 color processing is an asset but not required.

*All executives are expected to commit to at least 2 hours of club-related activity per week, including attending a one hour weekly meeting during the school year.
**Applications close on september the 23rd.