A group of photography enthusiasts.


As a team we want to make your experience with photography the best you can have in the comfort of your own university. We work together to host photography related events for you, share articles about the subject, and provide a way for you to showcase your work and to connect with other photographers on campus. 

 Jonah Pawluk  President

Jonah Pawluk


 Melanie Butt  VP Internal

Melanie Butt

VP Internal

 Ankush Sehgal  VP External

Ankush Sehgal

VP External

 Katie Lee  VP Admin

Katie Lee

VP Admin

 Kellan Woo  Treasurer

Kellan Woo


 Maria Paula Serrano  Events Director

Maria Paula Serrano

Events Director

 Sandy Adams  Darkroom Manager

Sandy Adams

Darkroom Manager

 Joseph Kennel  Darkroom Coordinator

Joseph Kennel

Darkroom Coordinator

 Bryan Lo  Studio Manager

Bryan Lo

Studio Manager

 Alvin Nursalim  Equipment Manager

Alvin Nursalim

Equipment Manager

 Samantha Matute  Marketing Director

Samantha Matute

Marketing Director

 Frankie Uy  Marketing Coordinator

Frankie Uy

Marketing Coordinator

 Eustacia Kwok  Advisor

Eustacia Kwok


 James Wong  Advisor

James Wong



Open Positions?


Want to become a part of a team of photography enthusiasts who want to make photography accesible to our UBC vancouver campus?