A group of photography enthusiasts.


As a team we want to make your experience with photography the best you can have in the comfort of your own university. We work together to host photography related events for you, share articles about the subject, and provide a way for you to showcase your work and to connect with other photographers on campus. 

Syed Mustafa Co-President         

Syed Mustafa


Brandon Leung Co-President

Brandon Leung


Hallie Woo Treasurer

Hallie Woo


Anali Bhatt VP Internal

Anali Bhatt

VP Internal

Jonah Pawluk VP External

Jonah Pawluk

VP External

Katie Lee Events Director

Katie Lee

Events Director

Samantha Matute Marketing Director

Samantha Matute

Marketing Director

Frankie Uy Marketing Coordinator

Frankie Uy

Marketing Coordinator

Patrick Gillin Darkroom Manager

Patrick Gillin

Darkroom Manager

Ankush Sehgal Equipment Manager

Ankush Sehgal

Equipment Manager

Joseph Kennel Darkroom Coordinator

Joseph Kennel

Darkroom Coordinator

Mackey Singh Acquisitions Manager

Mackey Singh

Acquisitions Manager

Eustacia Kwok Advisor

Eustacia Kwok


James Wong Advisor  

James Wong




Open Positions?


Want to become a part of a team of photography enthusiasts who want to make photography accesible to our UBC vancouver campus?

If you want to know more about a position on our exec board, keep track of our social media pages, or on this page on our website.