Equipment Rental Agreement


Borrowing Policies:

  1. TheborrowermustbeaTier2orTier3UBCPhotoSocmember,andmust provide their Student ID as proof.

  2. The lending period is for one week (7 calendar days), on the final day it must be returned unless an alternate date is previously agreed upon by both parties.

  3. Late returns result in a fine of $5.00/day until returned. The borrower loses future borrowing privileges until fines are paid. If an alternate return date is agreed upon, late return fines begin the day following the alternate date.

  4. Equipment may not be loaned out to the same member for consecutive weeks.

  5. Equipment must be returned to a PhotoSoc executive.

  6. Borrowers must pay a damage deposit (see inventory list for deposit amount)

    upon equipment signout, which will be refunded if the Equipment is returned

    complete and undamaged.

  7. Borrowersareresponsibleforinspectingtheequipmenttodeterminethatitis

    in proper working condition and includes all components before leaving with the equipment.

Conditions of Use:

  1. The Equipment must never be left unattended while under the care of the borrower. Borrower assumes full responsibility for damage, loss, or theft.

  2. IftheEquipmentisdamaged,lost,orstolenduringthetimethatitisinthe care of the borrower, the damage deposit will be used towards replacement or repairs of the equipment, with the borrower paying for the remaining costs. Replacement costs are listed on the inventory list.

  3. Failuretocomplywiththesetermsmayresultinfurtheractions,including, but not limited to: loss of borrowing privileges, cancellation of club membership without refund, and additional fees.